Excellence In Health Care Is Our Minimum Standard

The Medicine Chest - Pharmacy & Health Centre - stocks a wide range of drugs and medical supplies. We conduct pregnancy tests, blood sugar and haemoglobin checks. We also prepare first aid kits for homes and companies.

About us

The Medicine Chest - Pharmacy and Health Cantre - was established to provide a high quality health care facility in Downtown, Kingston. The directors of this establishment are committed to meeting the health care needs of this constituency by satisfying the main factors which influence the consumers’ choice – “cost, accessibility and quality of service” (Suzette Tulloch, UWI, 1997).

Our Managing Director, Dr. Dahlia McDaniel, is a registered pharmacist for 23 years, who is a Public Health specialist. Dr. McDaniel’s work with HIV/AIDS in Downtown, Kingston, was highlighted at the 13th International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa in 2001.

The pharmacy is now a major supplier of medication for HIV/AIDS to clients from various areas of Jamaica and is the largest supplier of HIV medication in the private sector. In fact since August, 2010 Charlies Pharmacy Limtied has been a supplier of HIV medications to the public, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Jamaica.

We offer orthopaedic products and medical supplies - walkers, canes, arm slings, joint braces, crutches, urinals, underpads, egg-crate bed pads and adult disposable diapers, and colostomy bags.

What’s more, our wide range of over-the-counter products include Multivitamins and Minerals, Herbal Products, Cough, Cold, Allergy and Flu Medicines, Medications for Stomach problems, and Pain Relievers.

We deliver to workplaces and homes in Downtown, Kingston*. We accept fax prescriptions*.

The Medicine Chest Pharmacy and Health Centre - endorses and participates in the government of Jamaica's health care programmes Jamaica Drugs for the Elderly Programme (JADEP), and the National Health Fund (NHF). The Medicine Chest Pharmacy and Health Centre has received commendations from both organizations for our provision of health care services to the public.

The Medicine Chest Pharmacy and Health Centre - is a good corporate citizen, frequently donating pharmaceuticals, amongst other gifts to the Brother’s of the Poor, and The Lord’s Place at Higholborn Street, Kingston and the Church of God in Jamaica.

*Conditions Apply